Version 1.1 of drop2sync is here!

Version 1.1 of drop2sync – available now – adds four main features:

  • Better NOOK Tabletâ„¢ support
  • Ability to update (re-download) files that are changed on the cloud service
  • A setting to store PDF files in the Documents folder rather than the Books folder if you desire.
  • drop2sync can now copy files from up to three levels of subfolders on Dropbox (they still go in the top-level folder on the NOOK).

It’s still just $1.99!  More details at or grab it at the Barnes & Noble App Shop.  Owners of version 1.0 can get the 1.1 update free of charge.



Beautiful new Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper

If you enjoy colors and natural beauty, you’ll love the Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper app.  It uses 10 HD pictures of a variety of flowers from the gardens of Santa Cruz, California to create hundreds of unique “journeys” through the pictures, moving from point to point and letting you explore the details.

Bring a little peace and beauty to your Android phone or tablet.  Available now for 99 cents in the Android Market and soon in Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Shop and the Amazon Appstore.  (There’s also a Bible version available for Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola XOOM and soon the NOOK Colorâ„¢ by Barnes & Noble.)

Learn more and see more pictures on the Santa Cruz Flowers product page.


New: Looking Upward Apps – Our new Christian app label

Looking Upward Appsplanning to move all of our Christian apps (and we have big plans) to a new label called Looking Upward Apps. If you want to “like” that Facebook page ( or follow us on Twitter (@UpwardApps), you’ll be able to get the latest word on our coming Christian apps – it should be a steady stream of them.


drop2sync: Get all your files onto your NOOK Colorâ„¢ by Barnes & Noble

Your NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble just got a lot more powerful!

drop2sync lets you use free cloud services Dropbox and to move files you want to your NOOK Color™/Tablet™ by Barnes & Noble. Wirelessly and even automatically copy music, photos, videos, documents, and some kinds of eBooks to your NOOK Color™/Tablet™ to make it much more useful and much more fun.  (You can get more done and enjoy it more!)

Available now for the introductory price of $1.99 in the NOOK Shop.  Available later this fall on other Android tablets.

Read more on the drop2sync product page or watch our intro video on Youtube.


Visit the stars with Space Journey Moving Wallpaper

Available now for the NOOK Color™ by Barnes and Noble (and for other Android-powered devices later this fall), Space Journey Moving Wallpaper makes your home screen into a portal to stars, nebulae, and even galaxies using breathtaking images from the Hubble Space Telescope.  Space Journey Moving Wallpaper slowly moves your point of view from one part of the image to another, letting the details unfold.  After a few journeys, it fades to a new image and a new exploration begins.

Learn more and see more on the Space Journey Moving Wallpaper product page.

Available for 99 cents in the NOOK App Shop.


Android tablets are great for fighting email overload

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to do app development, and I found a delightful surprise that I want to share with you.

If you get a lot of email like I do, you may find it piling up on you.  Well, it turns out that the best tool out there for combatting inbox expansion is the Android Honeycomb Gmail app. It’s really easy to read and archive whole batches of messages.  Tap the messages you want to archive and tap the file cabinet icon.  or label a batch of messages.  Or delete then.  And I actually enjoy it – there’s something about tapping and swiping on the screen that just feels better than using a mouse.

My goal is David Allen’s Getting Things Done target of “Inbox 0,” and I’m not there yet, but the Tab is really helping me conquer Mt. Inbox.


Steve @ WhitneyApps


CardDroid Math Flash Cards Summer Sale

CardDroid Math Flash Cards is on sale for summer! Get it for just 99 cents and help kids catch up or get ready for the next grade level.  Get it now in the Android Market and the NOOK Store.

Android Market:
Barnes and Noble Nook Color Shop:


CardDroid Math now available on the NOOK Color

CardDroid Math running on the Barnes and Noble NOOK Color

We’re proud to announce that CardDroid Math is now available on the Barnes and Noble NOOK Color.  It looks great on the 7″ screen and it lets you work with kids on math wherever you might be!

$1.49 on the NOOK app store – look in the education:kids section on your NOOK Color or find us in the Nook Shop at

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Faith’s Checkbook 1.5 now available (with Facebook sharing)

Daily hope and encouragement from Charles Spurgeon, the “Prince of Preachers.” Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotions puts a daily Bible passage and daily devotional reading in your pocket!
New in version 1.5:
  • New brown buttons and title bar that match the color scheme
  • BETA custom sharing screen
  • BETA Facebook Note Posting using Facebook API
  • Extra-large screen support for tablets
  • Narrower, more readable columns for extra-large screens and large-landscape screens
  • 18 typos/OCR errors fixed (please continue to report whatever errors you find by email!)
Download for free at
If you’d like to try out the BETA Facebook sharing, just download version 1.5 of the app, run it, press the menu button, and press “Preferences.”  Then put a checkmark in the box next to “Use BETA Facebook notes.”  After that, instead of the usual system “share” box, you’ll get a custom one with the new Facebook sharing code.  When you choose Facebook for sharing, log in, give permission for the app to send things to your account, then you can press “POST.”  After it’s successful, you can press “done” or the back button.
Leave a comment here, comment on our Facebook page at, or send us email at
Grace and Peace,
Steve @ WhitneyApps
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CardDroid Math updated to 1.4

There’s a new version of CardDroid Math in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore- coming soon to the  Barnes and Noble NookColor.

What’s New:

  • New configurable time limits - work on speed for fun or for school math standards tests – the timer ticks down until time is up (indicated by kids’ voices or a new tone when sound is enabled)
  • Better displays on large screens and small screens
  • New rainbow reward for perfect scores
  • Small bug fixes

Pick it up now!  As always, the upgrade is free for current owners of CardDroid Math.  Grab it now in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore for US$1.49.

Android Market:
Amazon Appstore: