Space Journey Moving Wallpaper

Space Journey Moving Wallpaper
for the Barnes & Noble tablets (including the new NOOK HD and NOOK HD+)

Now in breathtaking HD with even more images!

5 stars (from an app rating) “The images are absolutely stunning, and knowing they’re real adds an element of awe. The movement is just right, allowing time to take in details and appreciate what you’re seeing without it becoming tedious.” – Customer review

Beautiful: Using majestic images from the Hubble Space Telescope, Space Journey Moving Wallpaper takes you on a journey through the beauty of stars, galaxies, and nebulae every time you go to your home screen (and even the lock screen!)

What’s it like?  Space Journey Moving Wallpaper slowly moves your point of view from one part of the image to another, letting the details unfold.  After a few journeys, it fades to a new image and a new exploration begins.  Tap the screen for a random surprise.

NOOK App : Space Journey Moving Wallpaper
Get it from the Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps Shop for 99 cents!

Support for current owners is available at or on Facebook at

Screenshots (though still screenshots don’t tell the whole “journey” story):
Some of the scenes you will journey through (much, much larger, of course):


  • stephania cain (6 years)

    Love them all

  • Steve (6 years)

    Thanks, Stephania!

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Tara (5 years)

    I want this for my PC, my phone, every mobile device I have! It’s wonderful!

  • Steve (5 years)

    Thank you, Tara! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Space Journey. Those Hubble Space Telescope pix are beautiful!

    We’re hoping to release Space Journey it for Android phones this fall.

    Take care,

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Larry (4 years)

    Love the app it is amazing.
    Just wish it stated what you are looking at.

  • Steve (4 years)

    Hi Larry,

    I’m glad you like Space Journey! Any specifics on how you’d like the names to be displayed?


    Steve @ WhitneyApps

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