CardDroid Math 2.6 is here and it’s HOT!

CardDroid Math 2.6 brings new rewards for perfect scores

It’s here now and it’s HOT! ¬†Right now, it’s the #1 educational app and the #83 paid app in the Amazon Appstore and #49 in the NOOK Apps Shop.

Top 100 and #1 Educational AppBalloon Reward Screen

Make a perfect score and get a new reward! ¬†Some color schemes have poppable balloons as a reward and others have tappable fireworks. (There’s even a secret, hidden “micro game” in the balloon screen. Shhh!) You get spinning stars too.

Update: The most recent versions include micro games on each of the perfect score screens and also unlock a new display style called “doodle” after you spend enough time doing math practice.

Still 99 cents and the upgrade is free to current customers:

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Balloon Reward ScreenFirewards reward screen


There’s always something!

A helpful customer has reported a problem in version 2.2 of CardDroid Math. If you go to the “Built-in Problem Sets” screen of the “Recent Problem Sets” screen and tap the system back button (hardware button or bottom edge of the screen), CardDroid Math will unceremoniously crash. The workaround is to tap the big blue “Back” button toward the top of the screen. Version 2.3 is now available and looking rock solid!
Sorry for any inconvenience,
Steve @ WhitneyApps