About Us

WhitneyApps is an “indie” app maker. Steve & Eleanor Whitney and their three kids make apps to improve your life. We make the one-of-a-kind Veggie Clock alarm clock and timer app, the popular CardDroid Math Flash Cards (More than 88,000 sold through 2012), and a number of other apps. More are on the way.

Picture of the Whitney FamilyAll 5 Whitneys – and a large crew of friends and family – craft and test apps that are beautiful and fun. Life’s too short for boring apps!

Steve has 20+ years of programming experience (including Silicon Valley software development). Eleanor has a psychology degree along with human resources, music, and mother-of-3 background. Together, they build solid, effective, well-rounded apps. (And the kids are great testers.)

WhitneyApps’ mission is to delight people – kids and adults – while equipping them and building them up. WhitneyApps’ apps are designed to help children and adults feel positive, joyful, and well-equipped for life. (They’re always open to new ideas on how to accomplish those goals so please send your ideas.)

The Whitney family lives on app income so they are especially grateful to you for your support. You make our apps possible! Thank you!

Picture of laptop computer surrounded by mobile devices