drop2sync: Get all your files onto your NOOK Colorâ„¢ by Barnes & Noble

Your NOOK Colorâ„¢ by Barnes & Noble just got a lot more powerful! Introducing drop2sync…

Your NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble just got a lot more powerful!

drop2sync lets you use free cloud services Dropbox and to move files you want to your NOOK Color™/Tablet™ by Barnes & Noble. Wirelessly and even automatically copy music, photos, videos, documents, and some kinds of eBooks to your NOOK Color™/Tablet™ to make it much more useful and much more fun.  (You can get more done and enjoy it more!)

Available now for the introductory price of $1.99 in the NOOK Shop.  Available later this fall on other Android tablets.

Read more on the drop2sync product page or watch our intro video on Youtube.

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Sent this yesterday via email, but it bounced…

The app is a great step in the right direction. Setup instructions were complete and very easy to follow (the guide was fantastic!), so you did a great job there. I agree with another poster that, since a mobile device shouldn’t have to be tethered to a PC (ever!), BN should provide this utility at no cost (like they do for ezPDFReader, to replace their own reader that is horrible!). The functions listed below would mimic what iPad does with iTunes. If BN wants to compete, they need to do this and do it right away, before Amazon beats them to it only to join Borders in the bankruptcy line!

To truly be able to get rid of my USB cable, I’d have to be able to:

1. move files in both directions (dropBox to NC and NC to dropBox)

2. be able to delete files from Nook, by deleting from dropBox

3. be able to use nested folders (three possible solutions)
a. allow mirroring of nested folders in dropBox (preferred solution)
b. allow the user to determine which folder on NC a given file should get copied to
c. develop a companion app that would allow creation of “shelves” for files that reside in folders outside of “My Files” (this would substitute for my need for nested folders)

When drop2sync copies files to the NC, it decides where the file should go, presumably based on the file type (extension). Nice option for the less technical, but rather inconvenient for the rest of us. Files may or may not be located in a place that I would choose for a file to end up. drop2sync puts pdf files under My Files >> Books, but this isn’t even close to where they need to be, since I use ezPDFReader, not the built-in NC pdf reader. Further, I have more than 200 files on my NC, mostly pdfs. If I didn’t organize them into subfolders under the ezPDFReader folder, I’d never be able to find what I’m looking for. When drop2sync copies a file to my NC, I eventually have to attach a USB cable to use Windows Explorer to move files to their proper
location, making drop2sync almost mute.

I don’t know if you can petition BN for development support, but I seriously believe they need to get behind the functions that this app potentially offers.

Just my two cents. Have a great day!

Hi, Rick!

First of all, let me apologize for the email bounce. The address was misconfigured. Thank you for telling us so we could fix it.

Thank you also for your well thought out and detailed comments. That’s very helpful information, and I hear what you’re saying. There are probably two distinct audiences for a wireless sync app – the less technical and the more technical users. We aimed drop2sync at the less technical users, and I can see why you’re looking for features that we don’t yet offer.

Based on feedback received so far, we will be adding the option to put PDF files into “Books” – that will definitely be coming in a future version. (In our initial design, it was a tough call whether to consider PDFs eBooks or documents – which they’re more likely to be depends on the user.)

We also plan to offer a way of deleting files.

After those features, prioritization gets tricky. Your voice has been heard, and I hope you’ll continue to offer your suggestions. Please keep sending them to so we can consider and record them and also refer back to them. I’m hopeful that we’ll have the opportunity to hear from more users to help us determine which advanced features are the most useful and most important to prioritize.

I also recommend asking B&N to include something like drop2sync with the device. We would be happy to work with them to do that if they were interested.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

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