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New! Release 1.3 of CardDroid Math now available

The latest version of CardDroid Math is now available in the Android Market (and soon on the Amazon Appstore).

This version simply looks much better on most devices.  It supports all screen sizes – including tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom.  There are also a few minor bug fixes.

Look for more new features in the future.  Supports Android 1.6 and up.

Find it in the Android Market at

Steve @ WhitneyApps

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WhitneyApps is on Facebook!

Check us out on Facebook at  Hear about new apps and updates first by “liking” us on Facebook.

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New! Release 1.4 of Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotions now in Android Market

Version 1.4 of Faith’s Checkbook is available in the Android Market today.

The big new feature is a link from each day’s Bible reference to the Bible Gateway website so you can read that verse and the verses around it in the version you choose!

There are also other small fixes and typo fixes.

Check it out and let us know what you think!!  (More information at

NOTE: Version 1.3 only lived a few hours because of some Bible reference typos that are much more visible when there are hyperlinks involved.

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Just Released Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion app for Android!

Faith's Checkbook Mobile Devotion iconWhitneyApps is proud to present, Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion (or in the 30 characters allowed by the Android Market, “Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devo” :-))

Screenshot from Faith's Checkbook Mobile Devotion screenshotNow available free in the Android Market (for the glory of God!)

Christians will find encouragement and inspiration in 366 daily devotional messages  written by Charles Spurgeon, known as “The Prince of Preachers” over 100 years ago.

Read today’s devotion, check out devotions from other days, or share the devotion to bless someone else!

Read more at the Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion page.

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Free Faith’s Checkbook app coming next week!

We took a break from game development and the new CardDroid Math features to write a free Christian app.  (Steve is a pastor, after all. :-))  The app makes Charles Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook daily devotional book available on your Android phone.


  • Opens with today’s devotion
  • Swipe on devotion title bar to move between days
  • Choose any date
  • Share devotion content via email, blog, whatever app you have (hard to fit into a 140 character tweet, though)
  • FREE!  (For the glory of God.)
  • Supports Android 1.6 (donut) and up.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was an influential 19th century English Christian preacher.  He’s still known as the “Prince of Preachers” to this day, and this devotional book features very short but meaningful meditations on a small part of the Bible for each day.  I find them to be a great blessing.  For more information about Spurgeon and his writings, visit the Spurgeon Archive.

Check the Android Market next week or watch this blog for the announcement.

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CardDroid Math – Small Timer Fix (version 1.2)

Our crack team of testers found a small problem in version 1.1 so we’ve released a fix. Version 1.2 eliminates a problem with switching the timer on and then off again while continually playing games.
Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming:

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CardDroid Math Version 1.1 Released!

The first revision of CardDroid Math came out today!

This version adds an optional timer in case that motivates you.  I had a contest with my son, and it added some excitement to his math practice.  You can turn it on in the settings under “Show Timer.”

The other features are really minor, but you can find a complete list at

Have fun and please let us know what you’d like to see at!

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CardDroid Math is Now Available!

Flash cards were never this fun!
With CardDroid math, color and sound help kids learn math anywhere!  Kids’ voices and the chance to earn colored stars offer encouragement along the way as you learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division.  Difficulty levels cover all learners from preschool on up.

Available now in the Android Market for 99 cents.
Learn more on the CardDroid Math page.  Check out some screen shots below.  (We’ll have to make you a video for you since it’s so much more fun with the kids’ voices and musical sound effects.)

Find it on the Android Market at

QR code for CardDroid Math on Android Market

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CardDroid Math Is Coming!

Getting ready to release CardDroid Math – a fun learning tool to help kids (and adults) with math facts. We’re just polishing it up now (and running it through the all-important “kid testing.”)  Take a sneak peak at

CardDroid Math is something that I as a parent want.  Our family spends a lot of time waiting, and CardDroid Math will help our kids to learn while we wait in lines, in the car, a a siblings baseball game…  Our preschooler is already learning addition and subtraction in the preschool mode (numbers from 1 to 6 only).

We hope you find it helpful too!

Steve and the WhitneyApps Team

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Coding Now!

OK, I’ve read enough about the Android mobile phone operating system and have been using my T-Mobile G1 since June.  Android is awfully well designed. Let the coding begin! (Read more about me (Steve Whitney) and WhitneyApps.)

If you need an app for something that is currently not available in the Android Market, let me know.  I might be able to help!