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Just Released Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion app for Android!

Faith's Checkbook Mobile Devotion iconWhitneyApps is proud to present, Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion (or in the 30 characters allowed by the Android Market, “Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devo” :-))

Screenshot from Faith's Checkbook Mobile Devotion screenshotNow available free in the Android Market (for the glory of God!)

Christians will find encouragement and inspiration in 366 daily devotional messages  written by Charles Spurgeon, known as “The Prince of Preachers” over 100 years ago.

Read today’s devotion, check out devotions from other days, or share the devotion to bless someone else!

Read more at the Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion page.

5 replies on “Just Released Faith’s Checkbook Mobile Devotion app for Android!”

We’re at over 500 downloads in the first week! How cool is that? Tell your friends.

Thanks, Tracey! If you get a chance, I’d love to have you rate it in Android Market! (Also, let me know if you have any suggestions.)

Grace and Peace,


Thanks, Val! Let me know if you have comments or suggestions!

God bless you,

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