New CardDroid Math 2.4 Update with HD!

We found some incompatibilities with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (all buttons came out gray and sound was inconsistent).  We hope they fix these since they’ll affect many apps, but for now we’ve worked around them in CardDroid Math 2.4.

CardDroid Math 2.4 is on the way now with some nice enhancements (in Google Play now, watch for status in Amazon Appstore and NOOK App Shop):

  • HD Graphics for new tablets (Amazon Kindle Fire HD, NOOK HD, Nexus 7, etc.) and HD Phones (Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One, etc.)
  • Animated start screen – makes everything feel more fun!
  • Better timer handling and a new 15-minute timer
  • Better support for “extra large” screens
  • Optional rotation locking (Android 2.3+) – some kids accidentally tilted the screen and hit the wrong button as it rotated the app.
  • Note: CardDroid Math 2.4 now requires Android 2.2 (this covers 97% of active devices)

We’re still planning to give you some great new features later in the year in CardDroid Math 3.0.

Also, a new mystery app will be coming out later in October!

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

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