Drop2sync has been discontinued

Dear NOOK drop2sync customers, due to a change in Dropbox’s API (interface for applications) and declining sales after the free Dropbox and Box apps became available, we have decided to discontinue Drop2sync for NOOK.

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Dropbox has announced that they will discontinue the interface drop2sync uses on December 1, 2012. Making drop2sync compatible with these changes would require an extensive rewrite that we can’t afford with only 1-2 purchases per day. Please download the free Dropbox app before then so that you can continue to copy files from the Dropbox to your NOOK.
UPDATE (September 28, 2012): We just received an email today that is changing their interface in a way that’s incompatible with drop2sync on October 4!  So Box users will need to use the free NOOK app.

We thank our customers for your support and regret having to shut down drop2sync. We will continue to develop fun and useful apps for you and hope you’ll benefit from our apps again in the future.


Steve & Eleanor Whitney

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