March 2, 2013 Update: As of version 2.7 of CardDroid Math Flash Cards, there’s a built-in problem set for 12 x [1 to 12].  Just go to the settings screen (tap the “gear” icon on the home screen), tap “Load a Built-in Problem Set,” choose the multiplication icon toward the top of the screen, now scroll down until you see “Multiplication: 12 x [1 to 12] = ?” or “Multiplication: [1 to 12] x 12] = ?”  If you want to customize it, follow the instructions below. Happy multiplying by 12!

One of you recently asked how to create a problem set for practicing multiplication by 12 in CardDroid Math.  It’s easy – here’s how:

1. Tap “Settings” from the main screen.
The CardDroid Math Customize Screen2. Tap the “Customize Problem Set” button.
3. Tap the “x” button at the top of the screen for multiplication.
4. Drag the boxes on top slider so both boxes are on the 12. (If it looks like there’s only one, just slide it to 12, and then slide the one underneath to 12 too.)
5. Drag the boxes on the bottom slider to the number range you want (for example, 2 through 12).
6. Tap back and it’s set!

You’ll see example problems on the screen. You can adjust it until it’s exactly what you want.

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Have fun and great learning in 2013!

Steve & Eleanor @ WhitneyApps