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New NOOK HD Live Wallpaper App Versions
Hi, NOOK users!
We have revised our live wallpaper apps for NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ (which is quite nice, by the way). Barnes & Noble changed out the way to change wallpapers by surprise so if you load an older version of the app, the “Change Your Wallpaper” button will crash the app. As of version 2.1 of Space Journey and version 2.0 of Santa Cruz Flowers, the buttons will work correctly, and you’ll enjoy the new HD goodness.

Old verison workaround: The older apps will still work as live wallpaper if you long press an empty area of the home screen, choose wallpapers, choose live wallpaper, and choose the wallpaper of your choice. But the new versions are available so you might as well upgrade and enjoy!

Timeframe: Space Journey 2.1 is now in the Nook Apps Shop.  Santa Cruz Flowers became available on November 15 (yay!).

Steve @ WhitneyApps

Space Journey Moving Wallpaper:
NOOK App : Space Journey Moving Wallpaper
Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper NOOK App : Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper

4 replies on “WhitneyApps Wallpaper Apps on NOOK HD and HD+”

On your web site you say that the Space Journey Moving Wallpaper app version 2.1 will run on the Nook HD and HD+. Howerer, it will not download to my HD+ and B&N customer support tells me this app will work only on the Nook Color and Tablet. I am confused.

Hi, Robert. I definitely does work on NOOK HD and NOOK HD+. But B&N had some problems with their servers during the hurricane so it may be marked wrong. I’ll file a support ticket with them to get it resolved. Thanks for letting me know – it all looked good from my end. I’ll post what I learn.

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

Thanks, Steve. I sent this in an email, too. After several times trying unsuccessfully, a few minutes ago I refreshed my Apps library and there it was! I was really attached to your beautiful app on my Nook Tablet, so I’m happy this is resolved for the HD/HD+.

Hey, that’s great news! Please let me know if you have any trouble. I’m using it on my NOOK HD+ and it’s working great. It’s an upgrade from the old version:
• The images are a lot higher resolution
• We added more images
• And here are cool new tap animation effects.)
Take care,

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