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RESOLVED NOVEMBER 15, 2012: Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper and Space Journey Moving Wallpaper on NOOK HD and NOOK HD+

If you have a NOOK HD or NOOK HD+, please be sure to update to the latest versions of Space Journey or Santa Cruz Flowers.  The previous versions had the incompatibility described below:

Version 1.6 of Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper and version 2.0 of Space Journey Moving Wallpaper had an incompatibility with the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ that makes the apps exit when you tap the “Change My Wallpaper” button.  Versions 2.0 and 2.1 have been approved by Barnes & Noble and should appear in the NOOK Apps Shop some time this weekend (by November 11). There is a workaround that will allow you to use the current versions.  Please see this article for details:

STATUS: RESOLVED: Version of Santa Cruz Flowers appeared in the NOOK Apps Shop on November 15, 2012.  Please be sure to upgrade!

Drop2sync was discontinued in September 2012.

Please note: Because of a interface change, drop2sync has been discontinued and will no longer work with Dropbox on December 1, 2012. support will continue to work for the foreseeable future.  Read the announcement for more details.

15 replies on “Support”

I have been looking for something like this for awhile for my nook! Thanks!

Quick question?

How is the dropbox username/password stored and communicated? (Just want to make sure my dropbox account info is protected).


Doug Brown

Hi, Doug!

Great question and thanks for writing. drop2sync does not store your Dropbox username or password. We only store an “auth token” that doesn’t contain your username or password and can only be used by drop2sync on your device.

If you want the highly technical explanation, please read on: We use the Dropbox Android SDK library to request an authentication token the first time you log in. It’s only good when used with drop2sync’s api key and its invalidated if you change your password on the server. More super-technical info at

Anyway, short answer, we don’t store your username or password (in compliance with Dropbox’s guidelines for mobile applications).

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

I can not download my reader library. This should not have to take an engineering degree. I gave up and bought my books through barnes and nobel.

Hi, Christine,

I’m sorry you had trouble moving your Sony ereader books over. I agree that the process to copy files from one ereader to another is complicated. We have some instructions to help with that if you ever change your mind ( In the meantime, if you already purchased drop2sync, you may find it useful for things like moving documents, pictures, or music to the NOOK. It’s also great for copying over free public-domain EPUB files from sites that offer older books that are out of copyright.

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

Just purchased this app after readin comments, it works just great. I already had drop box I was able to sync in lss than 5 minutes.

Is there a way I can take my book from kindle?

I also have your wallpaper keep up the great work, hope more apps are coming

Hi Janice,

I’m glad drop2sync is working for you and that you like the wallpaper!

Sadly, the Kindle system is pretty much locked down. Whatever you purchase from is stuck forever on Kindle devices or the Kindle app. Whatever you purchase from Barnes & Noble is stuck forever on Nook devices or the Nook app. You can’t load the Nook app on Kindle Fire, and you can’t load the Kindle app on the Nook Color or Nook Tablet. It’s possible to load protected EPUBs purchased from other sources on the NOOK, but that’s about it. Sorry to be the bearer or bad news.

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

I moved several folders into the Drop2Sync box, but they don’t seem to be recognized from the Nook. Do I have to remove the contents from the folders?

Hi, Denese!

You don’t need to remove contents from the folders. After a sync, the contents of the folders you placed in the drop2sync folder should be copied to the appropriate folders on the Nook. (See “Where are my files after I sync?” on the FAQ page at for details on where they should appear.)

It may also be helpful to know that it can take time for your computer to upload the changes. It may just take some time for the changes to make it from your computer to your “cloud service” account – I’m guessing you’re using DropBox.)

Finally, if you’re getting an error on the sync (yellow or red light on the sync status), you may be running into a current drop2sync limitation. If there are files with exactly the same name in more than one folder, the current version of drop2sync has trouble copying them. This will be fixed in a future release.

Please drop me a line at if I can help you further.

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

I just bought drop2sync and downloaded dropbox onto my computer. I have a mac and it does not like dropbox. Any ideas?
Also, drop2sync now thinks I use dropbox and I don’t see a way to change that.

Hello, Ingrid!

Let’s see if we can get this working for you.

1) I have a Mac, and the Dropbox application works really well on there for me. Here are the system requirements on their website (as of today):

Dropbox desktop application

The Dropbox application runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. To run the Dropbox application on your computer we recommend:

At least 512MB of RAM
An amount of free space on your computer equal to the amount you want to store on Dropbox
Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
Mac: OS X Tiger (10.4) or later
Ubuntu 7.10+ and Fedora Core 9+. See the advanced section below for Nautilus/GNOME integration requirements

If you have trouble with Dropbox on the Mac, they offer help on their website at and if you don’t find a solution there, you can contact them at

2) If you ever want to switch drop2sync between Box and Dropbox, it’s easy. Just tap “Service Settings” from the main screen of the drop2sync app and then choose the service you want.

I hope this helps!

Take care,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

Hi Jill,

I’m very sorry about that. I’m assuming you’re talking about one of our moving wallpaper apps, since I know there’s a problem on the NOOK HD and HD+. A free update to the fixed app will be in the NOOK Apps shop some time over the weekend. (It’s already been approved.) We don’t have a way to notify customers so I’m very glad you decided to write a note.

B&N approved the app or NOOK HD/HD+, and we didn’t know about the change in the way wallpapers are set until we got our own NOOK HD+. The new version is also much better looking with better animations and HD images.

In the meantime, there’s a way to run it. You just can’t use the “Change My Wallpaper” button. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the background on your home screen. A border will appear at the bottom of your screen with ways to customize the home screen.
  2. Next, tap wallpapers.
  3. Choose “live wallpapers”
  4. Choose “Santa Cruz Flowers Wallpaper” or “Space Journey Wallpaper” from the list.
  5. When the preview appears, tap “Set Wallpaper”

Version 1.6 Santa Cruz Flowers wallpaper reflects some of the images since they were too small for the HD+ screen, but version 2.0 fixes that. (We had not requested making the old version for the HD+, but there were computer problems at B&N during the hurricane and it somehow got turned on.) Both of our moving wallpaper apps have been updated for the NOOK HD+ and will be available to you at no cost in the next few days!

I apologize for the bad experience you’ve had. It’s been distressing to know this kind of thing is happening to customers of our apps, and I want you to know that we worked very swiftly to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

I hope you are completely satisfied with the new version.

Thank you for your patience,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

Space Journey 2.1 is live now, but Santa Cruz Flowers has only just passed the last B&N test. In the past, they’ve sent whole batches of apps to the shop every Friday, which would mean the new version would arrive Friday or Saturday (November 16 or 17). I have submitted a ticket asking them to put the new one in or stop selling the old one so this won’t happen to anyone else, but I haven’t heard back yet. Again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. We build quality apps, and I hope to prove that to you soon.

Take care,
Steve @ WhitneyApps

Jill, Version 2.0 of Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper appeared in the NOOK Apps Shop today. The issue you had should now be resolved. Our current apps that are enabled for NOOK HD+ now have no known issues. If you still have trouble after updating, please let us know. The new version looks great and has fun new animation effects. Sorry for the inconvenience. That’s not the kind of experience we want our customers to have.

Take care,
Steve @ WhitneyApps

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