Syncing Copy-Protected Books with drop2sync

Unprotected EPUB and PDF books will copy over to the Nook without any trouble at all.  Copying purchased eBooks that are protected using Adobe Digital Editions (sometimes called secure EPUB or Secure PDF or DRM-Protected EPUB or PDF files) requires one extra step to take (and one last time to plug the Nook into a computer).  You should only have to do this once.

Note on Library Books

Sadly, most library books that you download for a limited loan period using Aobe software will not work with drop2sync.  Unfortunately, they use a separate locking system that uses information not available in the file.  We regret that there’s no way to do this without running software on the computer.  You’ll need to use a cable and go through Aobe Digital editions

Purchased eBooks

NOTE: If you’re moving books from a Sony eReader please read this note first to avoid trouble!

Here’s the process (you many want to print this):

  • Run Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.  (If you don’t have it, you learn more and install it from Adobe at
  • Run Adobe Digital editions and provide your Adobe ID.  (Usually that’s your email address) to authorize your computer to read eBooks that you have bought or borrowed.
  • Now, plug your Nook into the computer.  You should see this box on the screen:
Authorize Device Dialog Box

Adobe Digital Editions - Authorize Device Dialog Box

  •  Click “Authorize Device.”  You should then see a box telling you that your device is authorized:
Authorize Device Dialog Box

Adobe Digital Editions - Authorize Device Dialog Box

After doing that, all protected EPUB and PDF files that were purchased or borrowed with that Adobe ID will be unlocked on your Nook.  You can now copy future EPUB and PDF files from that computer to your NOOK with drop2sync as long as your Nook is still an authorized device.  (A network connection may be required.  we haven’t tested all possible conditions yet.)


  1. Only files authorized with that Adobe ID will be unlocked.
  2. Don’t download directly from Adobe to your Dropbox or folder.  You need to use Adobe Digital Editions on an authorized computer before you’ll have a “digitally signed” book that can be read on your NOOK.

There’s more information about buying books for your Nook at  But you won’t have to plug the NOOK in every time since you can use drop2sync for that part!

NOTE FOR SONY USERS (from Doug Pardee):

Your Sony account’s e-mail address must be the same as your Adobe ID for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). The e-books you buy will be downloaded into a directory maintained by Sony Reader, and then you can use Adobe Digital Editions [or drop2sync] to load them onto your NOOK. (If your NOOK is already authorized by ADE, you should be able to just load the e-book normally.)

Once your device is authorized, you can transfer your copy-protected PDF and EPUB files by dropping them into your cloud service folder. (See the guided setup or your cloud service provider for more details.)

Please let us know what your experience has been by leaving a comment on this post or by send us email to

Updated November 1, 2011.



  • felicia (10 years)

    I cannot find an epub file that eas reportedly successfully downloaded. Any suggestions?

  • Steve (10 years)

    Hi, Felicia!

    I have some suggestions to offer, but I’m not familiar with EAS. Is that an ebook downloader? I’d be happy to do some research on it to help you out (and future drop2sync customers) with more concrete information.

    Here are the suggestions:

    My first suggestion would be to go to “Library” on the NOOK (first tap the little triangle at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “library” icon on the left). Next tap on “my files” toward the top right. You’ll see a “My Files” folder and possible other folders. The downloaded book might be stored in “My Files” in the “Books” folder there. Or there might be an “eas” folder or something similar. Once you find the book, you can install it on your home screen to make it easy to get to. I know that drop2sync puts EPUB files in the “Books” folder under “My Files.”

    If this isn’t clear, please let me know. It’s hard to describe in words, but I could do some screenshots if it would be more helpful.
    One more possibility is that if you have a memory card, you will have the option of looking at internal memory or “memory card.” if you have a memory card installed, those options show up in a tab above all of the folders when you go to “My Files.” There are two sets of “My Files” and “Books” folders – one for internal memory and one for the memory card. That can be confusing if you’re not expecting it.

    I hope this is helpful. Please let me know how it goes so I can help you figure this out. (I’ll also post as a reply to your comment on the website.)

    Take care,

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Leslie (10 years)

    I use drop2sync to send individual epub files to my Nook Color when I don’t want to sync the NC with Calibre. When I do use Calibre, my epubs are neatly organized into folders listed alphabetically by the author’s last name. The epubs that I send to the NC using drop2sync go onto my memory card, just like the Calibre epubs, and they end up in the Books folder in the list of author folders, but the drop2sync epubs can be anywhere in the list, depending on the first letter of the title.

    It would be very helpful if I could tell drop2sync which folder I would like the epubs sent to. Could this be done? It isn’t necessary to specify a different folder every time I sync (such as an author folder, for example). I would just like all of the epubs that I send to the NC via drop2sync to land in one folder.

    I have found a way to keep the new epubs at the top of the list of author folders, but it involves adding “A.” [the letter A with a period] to the beginning of each file. So if sending epubs to a specific folder isn’t possible using drop2sync, at least there’s a workaround.

    Thank you!

  • Steve (10 years)

    Hi, Leslie!

    Thanks for the input. It will be a little while before I’m able to do that, but what you’re asking for it going to be necessary for the vanilla Android tablet version since there’s no agreed-upon standard for where e-books go on those. When I have it for Android tablets, I can also put it in the Advanced Settings for the NOOK Color version. The tricky thing about the NOOK shop is that many of the NOOK customers seem to dislike having too many options. Hopefully it will be enough to keep them together under “advanced settings.”

    Will it be sufficient for our needs to have all drop2sync epub files in a single folder if you can customize where that is?

    Please continue to let us know how we make drop2sync better meet your needs. You can comment here, post them on Facebook at or send us email to

    And if you’re enjoying drop2sync, you can really help us by leaving a review in the NOOK Shop. it’s tough for a new app to get established there and the ratings make a big difference.

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Leslie (10 years)

    Thanks for the response, Steve. If there were one single folder for drop2sync to put the epubs, that would be very helpful. In the meantime, the workaround that I mentioned does what I need it to do, and maybe it will help other users as well.

    I think drop2sync is a great app, and the ease with which one can put files on the Nook Color without having to hook it up to the computer is fabulous.

  • Steve (10 years)

    Thanks, Leslie. I’ve added your suggestion to the list. We’ll keep you posted!
    I also appreciate your kind words.

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Olga (10 years)

    Hi Steve,

    I just bought the Drop2sync app and it looks very promising. This is the first app I purchase for my Nook Color–or any device at all. So my question is: I wonder if there’s a way for me to specify which folder on my Nook should receive a file I put in the dropbox? A regular pdf got dropped into the preprogrammed My Files/Books folder that came with the Nook. Or is it the case that I’ll need to reorganize my files by connecting the Nook by its cord to my computer? I wouldn’t know how else to place files in their proper place. Many thanks!

  • Steve (10 years)

    Hi, Olga!

    Thanks for buying drop2sync and thanks for writing!

    Yes, you’ve run into one of the features of drop2sync that isn’t always an exact fit. What we strove to do for NOOK users was to make the sync process as simple as possible – eliminating as much complexity as possible. In order to do that, we grouped the file types that the NOOK Color can play into groups (See the Frequently-Asked Questions for the types and destination locations.) Because a number of users had ebooks in PDF format (including some copy-protected books in “Secure PDF” format, we chose to categorize PDFs as books. That means they end up in the Books folder rather than in the Documents folder. I realize that isn’t be the right answer for your file.

    When we release drop2sync for other platforms in the near future, we’re going to have to add more configurability (for example, the destination location for ebooks isn’t standard). I’d love to have your input on how you’re using drop2sync in order to consider your needs when we spec out the next version.

    So the short answer is that version 1.0 of drop2sync will only put PDF files in the Books folder. If it’s important to you to have it in another location, you could move it by plugging the NOOK into a computer – though I’m aware that that process negates the value of wireless copying! (I don’t know if there are any file manager apps available for the NOOK yet.) The other complicating factor is that drop2sync will notice that the file’s not there when it does the next sync and – if it’s still in the cloud service folder – it will put another copy of it in the Books folder.

    Sorry for the inconvenience! If I can be helpful in any other way, please write me at (or comment here or on our Facebook page at

    Take care,

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Edward Fink (10 years)

    I followed the instructions faithfully several times.
    However, I had previously authorized my nookcolor with Adobe Digital Editions (prior to getting Drop2sync). when I drag an epub from the digital editions folder into the drop2sync folder and then sync (on the nookcolor), the file indeed appears in the myfiles/books folder. wWhen I try to open it I get the message:
    Error Dialog
    This book has been returned. Loan not on record.

    am able to open the book on my PC in Adobe Digital Editions.

    Help, please.

  • Steve (10 years)

    Hi Edward,

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble loading books with drop2sync. I’d be happy to help you get it working. Just so you know, I don’t do anything to the files while downloading them so files that are unlocked for your Adobe account should be readable on the NOOK. The trick is getting Adobe Digital Editions to unlock them for you.

    Another customer had success by downloading the files onto the desktop of the computer, then dragging them onto Adobe Digital Editions on the computer (that unlocked them) and then copying the files from their Adobe Digital Editions folder to the Dropbox folder. After that, they worked.

    Since drop2sync doesn’t do anything to your file when you upload it to Dropbox, if you can copy it by dragging it from the Adobe Digital Editions folder to the NOOK’s USB-mounted folder, the resulting file will be identical.

    If you’re having Adobe Digital Editions copy it to your NOOK, then it’s unlocking the file before it copies it. I’m wondering if the unlocking process is happening in your case.

    Does anything I wrote above sound different than what you’re doing? Please let me know.

    The steps on our website work for me, but you’re the second person who’s had trouble so I’m going to try it early next week with the software our local library uses just to make sure it works. Maybe I’ll gather some new information!


    Steve @ WhitneyApps

  • Brenda (10 years)

    I have the adobe digital edition on my computer but my nook doesn’t show up on the ade. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the drop2snyc app but I’m despite to fix this problem. After reading some of these comments I hoping you can help me. When I plug in my nook table to my computer the authorize device box does not pop up.
    My computer shows the nook as an added device but the ade does not.
    Can your drop2snyc help my get ebooks from the library?
    Hope you can help me the library and barns and noble can not.

  • Steve (10 years)

    Hi, Brenda!

    I’m afraid that drop2sync can’t get around Adobe’s ADE-only restriction on library books. Drop2sync can sync purchased books once the NOOK is authorized b but it doesn’t work for borrowed books. It’s necessary to use their software to do it. I recommend contacting Adobe for help with ADE. They’ve been able to help some others. I’m willing to help as I can, but my knowledge of Adobe Digital Editions is limited (pretty much to what’s listed on this page). 🙁

    If you can’t get help from Adobe, feel free to post another note and we’ll see if we can come up with a couple of things to try.

    Take care,

    Steve @ WhitneyApps

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