CardDroid Math 2.0 – More fun, more flexible, more effective

CardDroid Math promo graphicCardDroid Math version 2.0 available now in the Android Market, the Amazon Appstore, and the Barnes & Noble Nook Shop for 99 cents.

Great for helping kids learn math facts – with levels for kids in Kindergarten to 4th grades (also preschool with adult help or older kids who would benefit from review or speed work).

Choose from built-in problem sets of make your own – Choose number ranges; addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division; pick “doubles only” for addition and multiplication.  The app remembers your 10 most recently used settings – great for multiple kids.

CardDroid Math Flash Cards: Play It Your Way
Choose sounds including kids voices, tones, and new electric guitar and “castle” sound themes.

Choose from six new color schemes (bright, camouflage, pink dream, nebula, sunrise, blue & green).  Choose whether to show the score and time.  Add optional time limits for working on speed.

Great colorful new look!

Pick it up now for 99 cents in the Android Market and soon in Amazon Appstore and Barnes & Noble Nook Shop.

Here are some screenshots:


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