App Permission Explanations

Why We Ask for the Permissions We Ask For

Facebook: We include Facebook sharing in some apps that are not primarily designed for children to get around problems with sharing length in the standard Facebook app.  For our apps that interface with Facebook, consider us “post only.”  Current apps do not download information from your Facebook account.  All we do is allow you to post when you instruct the app to share.

Internet Access: Many of our apps request the “Full Internet Access” permission on Android devices.  We use this for two things: 1) To allow in-app “WebViews” ability to open Internet links inside the app, 2) To retrieve customer messages from WhitneyApps.  We will never gather any information from your device without asking permission – including anonymous statistics about how the app is used. As of October 2012, none of our apps gather statistics.

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Thanks for sharing that, Jackie. Be sure to keep in mind that God loves you dearly (treasures you, really) and desires a full and blessing-filled relationship with you.

In Christ,

Steve @ WhitneyApps

The Blessings of GOD are”Yeah & Amen”! The sooner we as Christians start realizing that GOD’S expectant end 4 me, begins right now, the better off we’ll be. And the devil will lose more power in & over our life. Our testament to the goodness of JESUS CHRIST is that we’ve already won, we have to live in that victory!

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