Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper

No longer available:
Barnes & Noble has closed their Nook Apps store so I don’t have a way to get the app to you.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Santa Cruz Flowers + Bible Moving Wallpaper for Android phones tablets and Barnes & Noble NOOK devices (not compatible with Kindle Fire – no live wallpaper support :-().

5 stars (from an app rating) “Awesome! This is a really cool app if you are into the beauty of flowers and/or nature!” – Customer review

Now in HD for the latest generation of devices!

Beautiful! Using beautiful flower photographs, Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper takes you on a colorful, moving tour of the flowers of Santa Cruz, California as you explore their beauty from close up.  You’ll enjoy their color and peacefulness every time you go to your home screen.

What’s it like?  Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper slowly moves your point of view from one part of the image to another, letting the details of the flowers’ beauty unfold.  The scripture passages appear over the top part of the image so you may need to move a few icons to see them clearly.  After taking you on a couple of paths through the picture, it fades to a new image and a new exploration begins.


Here are some screenshots (though still screenshots don’t tell the whole “moving wallpaper” story):

Easy To Set Up:

When you first open it, Santa Cruz Flowers shows you the steps to set up the wallpaper.

Also available with Bible verses:

If you’d prefer to have Bible passages overlaid on your flower images and you have and Android tablet or a Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, you may want to consider Santa Cruz Flowers + Bible Moving Wallpaper.

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