CardDroid Math App Privacy Policy

WhitneyApps CardDroid Math Flashcards Privacy Policy

Who We Are

WhitneyApps is a one-person software developer.  This privacy policy was written by Steve Whitney, the sole proprietor.  My website is and you can reach me by email at

Data My Apps Collect and How It’s Used

Many of my apps’ users are children, and I want them to be safe and anonymous so the data  collected is very limited.  CardDroid Math does not display ads or run any “analytics” code. In normal operation, the app doesn’t collect or transmit any personal information.

These are the two ways the CardDroid Math app collects data:

  1. When you first open the app, it sends a request to our server to see if any announcements (manually written by me, Steve Whitney, when needed) are available to display. That request only provides the version of the app that was opened.  It does not transmit any personal information.
  2. The other time the app sends information back to our server is when the app has crashed. It gives the user the option to email a crash report back to me.  The user needs to opt-in to that, and they would be sending a pre-filled email from their email app.  The crash report contains information about the model and system software of the phone and a history of what the app has been doing.  It’s more detailed information about things like this: the settings screen displayed, the timer setting was changed to 5 minutes, a game started, 3×4 was displayed, the answer 12 was selected.  There’s no personal information, and it’s only about what happened recently in this app.  I use crash information to debug the app so I can solve customer problems.  If someone sends me a report, I receive the email address they send this from.  I do not and will not share email addresses with anyone, and I only use the information for debugging – occasionally asking a question by email.

Where and How Long Data is Retained

I generally keep crash reports indefinitely in a Gmail account so I can refer back to them if bugs recur in the future, but I will manually delete them if requested.  The only personal information these contain is an email address or anything a customer types as a comment in the crash report email.

Note: your email address will only be stored if you choose send a crash report, which requires tapping a button in the app and also pressing the send button in the email app on your device.

Updates of Changes

If I change this privacy policy, I’ll post a new version at  I do not plan to collect more personal information from the app, but if for some reason that’s necessary, I will also add a notification to the app.

Thanks for reading!  Please contact me at if you have questions.