CardDroid Math Is Coming!


Getting ready to release CardDroid Math – a fun learning tool to help kids (and adults) with math facts. We’re just polishing it up now (and running it through the all-important “kid testing.”)  Take a sneak peak at www.WhitneyApps.com/carddroid-math.

CardDroid Math is something that I as a parent want.  Our family spends a lot of time waiting, and CardDroid Math will help our kids to learn while we wait in lines, in the car, a a siblings baseball game…  Our preschooler is already learning addition and subtraction in the preschool mode (numbers from 1 to 6 only).

We hope you find it helpful too!

Steve and the WhitneyApps Team

Coding Now!


OK, I’ve read enough about the Android mobile phone operating system and have been using my T-Mobile G1 since June.  Android is awfully well designed. Let the coding begin! (Read more about me (Steve Whitney) and WhitneyApps.)

If you need an app for something that is currently not available in the Android Market, let me know.  I might be able to help!

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